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  • "Do the wigs come with combs?""
    Yes the wigs all come with combs, 1 on the nape.
  • "Are the knots bleached?""
    Only customized ready to wear units will have bleached knots and a lightly plucked hairline
  • "Does the machine-made Units come with straps?""
  • "This is my first wig, what should I get?""
    I personally would start with a closure wig when starting off because it requires less maintenance. If you're not a big fan of long hair, but you still want length, 16in-18in is a good length to start with. If you like to straighten AND curl your hair, bodywave would be the best option. Keep in mind straight hair doesn't hold curls as well as bodywave, however our straight hair can curl.
  • "What type of hair should I buy for curling tools?""
    Body wave, or natural wave hair textures are ideal for curling irons and tools.
  • "What are highlights? How is it done""
  • What is Ombre/Balayage? How is it done?
  • "Do you host classes?"
    Not quite yet. I'm idealistic AF and I want to go through all type of trial, error, and fix ups to be sure that every person that is taught by me is almost overwhelmingly given so much information, they would have the confidence to slay every person they lay their hands on, all while caring for the client or person you'll be laying your hands on with the knowledge they have gained. However, I do plan to host classes, I don't have a definite answer on when but please be on the lookout!
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